Dr Fay HieldFay Hield was appointed Teaching Associate in Ethnomusicology at the University of Sheffield in 2011.  She delivers the undergraduate modules ‘Music in the Community’, ‘Music Business’ and ‘Music of the World’, alongside ‘Seminars in World Musical Traditions’  for the MA in Ethnomusicology, and ‘Music of the World’, ‘Approaches to Fieldwork’ and ‘Dissertation’ for the Distance Learning MA in World Music Studies.

Following a degree in Folk and Traditional Music at the University of Newcastle, Fay read for a PhD entitled ‘English Folk Singing and the Construction of Community’ at the National Centre for English Cultural Tradition.  Fay is currently engaged in two AHRC funded research projects, working as a Consultant on Musical Communities and as Research Assistant for Transmitting Musical Heritage.

If you are interested in researching at Masters or PhD level around traditional musics or music in the community please get in touch and explore your ideas: f.hield@shef.ac.uk

Research Interests

  • Musical Communities
  • Folk Singing Style
  • Composition within Tradition
  • Audience and Participant Development through Applied Research

 Current Projects

  • Transmitting Musical Heritage: Co-produced research involving three community music groups and the passing on of tradition. AHRC Connected Communities funded project www.musicalheritage.group.shef.ac.uk
  • Tradition in Performance: Investigation into notions of tradition, composition and the editing role of the artist. Expolred through the Full English project funded through PRSf Women in Music.
  • Folk Music Communities: Explorations of the impact of relationships developed through the social and musical networks of the Sheffield folk scene. Connected Communities AHRC funded project.
  • Audience and Participant Development: Applied research with external partners, Soundpost Community Network and Bright Phoebus.

 Past Projects

  • Fay delivered a talk at a local TEDx event that discusses the Full English archive and its relevance for wider society.

  • The Full English

  • In conjunction with Inspiration & Co. and the University of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind, Fay worked with Sheffield-based producer Andy Bell and musician and folk singer Jon Boden to create a piece of music, which in her words would, “get us thinking about musical inspiration in a new way [and] communicate the way musicians think through making a musical piece…”